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Rhine-Knee Regiomeeting on Structural Biology

The Rhine-Knee Regiomeeting is the annual meeting of the biocrystallography & structural biology community of the extended Upper-Rhine region

The Rhine-Knee Regional Meeting (short: RegioMeeting) on Biocrystallography was established in 1987 by academic biocrystallography labs from Basel (CH), Freiburg-im-Breisgau (D), and Strasbourg (F) to annually gather scientist at all stages of their careers from the Rhine-knee region.  It specifically aimed at facilitating scientific exchange between senior, junior and starting biocrystallographers.

The RegioMeeting has since become an institution for biocrystallographic laboratories from eastern part of France, southern Germany and entire Switzerland. Organized in a rotation between groups from France, Germany and Switzerland, the RegioMeeting attracts 80 to 120 scientists from 30 to 40 different research teams every year.  The success of the RegioMeeting and the spreading of its participants into numerous academic and industrial research labs along the years have expanded its influence to a broader area of Switzerland, Germany and France.

More recently, the scope of the RegioMeeting is expanding to cover all areas of integrative structural biology and hybrid approaches for resolving the structural organization of life along all length scales. The RegioMeeting serves as an important platform for exchange between industrial and academic researchers. It creates opportunities for discussion of novel methods and technologies, as well as for organizing collaborative activities at all levels, from joint seminars and workshop, to instrument access and large collaborative protects. 

Since 2014, this website at has been built up as a permanent platform for the RegioMeeting organization; to facilitate scientific exchange between structural biologists from the Rhine-Knee region and to strengthen the spirit of the RegioMeeting community.