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The Regiomeeting takes place every year the last week of September since 1987

The Regiomeeting is an annual meeting that serves to convene structural biologists from many Swiss, German, and French research laboratories. It was founded in 1987 in a collegial spirit  by Profs. Johan Jansonius (Basel), Georg Schultz (Freiburg) and Dino Moras (Strasbourg). The Regiomeeting has now grown to encompass, besides Basel, Freiburg and Strasbourg, also research teams from the entire Swiss structural biology community, from southern Germany and eastern France. Regular contributions are provided by participants from Bern, Genève, Heidelberg, Köln, Konstanz, Lausanne, Tübingen and Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen.

At the Regiomeeting, young researchers are encouraged to discuss their results among scientists from academia and industry in an international, yet informal atmosphere, thus fostering scientific exchanges and collaborations.

The Regiomeeting is a great place for efficient exchange of the most recent scientific results and is a natural catalyst for the establishment of collaborations between the laboratories of this area of Europe. New results and approaches for macromolecular structure determination, with the potential of opening new avenues in biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences and medicine, are presented every year at the meeting.


Previous meetings

2021- Blaubeuren D - Jérôme Basquin & John Weir (Max Planck Institute Martinsried and Tuebingen)

2019 - Florence Pojer (EPFL Lausanne)

2018 - Emmetten CH - Vincent Olieric (Paul Scherrer Institut)

2017 - Munster F - Claude Sauter, Eric Ennifar (IBMC Strasbourg)

2016 - Schöntal D - Thilo Stehle (Universität Tübingen)

2015 - Engelberg CH - Timm Maier, Tilman Schirmer (Biozentrum, University of Basel)

2014 - Mont Ste Odile F - Isabelle Billas, Christoph Romier (IGBMC Strasburg)

2013 - Schluchsee D - C Hunte, O Einsle, G Fritz, M Baumstark, Ch Wirth (University of Freiburg)

2012 - EPFL Lausanne CH - Petr Leiman, Florence Pojer, Stéphane Thore (University of Geneva / EPFL)

2011 - Sursee CH - Guido Capitani & Vincent Olieric (Paul Scherrer Institut)

2010 - Albé F - Eric Ennifar (IBMC Strasbourg)

2009 - Leissingen CH - Achim Stocker & Ulrich Baumann (University of Berne)

2008 - Freudenstadt D - Thilo Stehle (Universty of Tuebingen)

2007 - Hoelstein CH - Peer Mittl & Markus Gruetter (University of Zurich)

2006 - Constance D - Kay Diederichs (University of Constance)

2005 - Les Feignes F - Claude Sauter (IBMC Strasbourg)

2004 - Einsiedeln CH - Olga Mayans & Tilman Schirmer (University of Basel)

2003 - Falkau D - Georg Schulz (University of Freiburg)

2002 - Les Feignes F - Sacha Urzhumtsev (University of Nancy)

2001 - Soerenberg CH - Ulrich Baumann (University of Berne)

2000 - Braunwald CH - Tim Richmond (ETH Zurich)

1999 - Constance D - Wolfram Welte (University of Constance)

1998 - Strasbourg F - Philippe Dumas (IBMC Strasbourg)

1997 - Delémont CH - Johan Jansonius (University of Basel)

1996 - St.Ulrich D - Georg Schulz (University of Freiburg)

1995 - Braunwald CH - Tim Richmond (ETH Zurich)

1994 - Ste Odile F - Dino Moras (IBMC Strasbourg)

1993 - Delémont CH - Johan Jansonius (University of Basel)

1992 - Neuenweg/Belchen D - Georg Schulz (University of Freiburg)

1991 - Ste Odile F - Dino Moras (IBMC Stasbourg)

1990 - Schwarzenberg CH - Johan Jansonius (University of Basel)

1989 - Schauinsland D - Georg Schulz (University of Freiburg)

1988 - Le Kleebach F - Dino Moras (IBMC Strasbourg)

1987 - Sornetan CH - Johan Jansonius (University of Basel)